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What is Lua?

Lua is an extension language used by many applications to allow users to enhance and extend applications with a scriptable interface. It is used in a variety of commercial and open source games for scripting purposes. See lua.org for a list of current implementations.

What about Delphi?

As Delphi/Pascal has native support for Dlls and all C language features there are no problems to use Delphi as an embedding host for Lua. All examples may be converted almost one to one to Pascal and work as expected.

Current state

Current lua version is 5.0.2. The lua.h, lualib.h and luaxlib.h are included in the lua.pas file. Everything is converted but not everything is tested. If you find a bug please report it to me. This conversion is used in a production quality / commercial environment so the basic stuff should be really stable.


This distribution includes:

Download version 0.90 for Windows (21.02.2005)

This binding should work with Kylix/FreePascal on linux as well just with minor changes (see LuaDllName and LuaLibDllName in Lua.pas) but this is currently untested.


Please send all bugs, questions and donations to:

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